Cat Boarding

To view the cat condos click Take a Tour. Go to Upper Level II.  Move your mouse over the floor plan for pictures.

All cats being boarded must be current on their Rabies and Distemper Vaccinations. Cats must also have negative results from FeLV / FIV Test.  

Because  cats exercise isometrically (by stretching), and because they are not  'pack animals' that need, or enjoy, the company of other animals (as  dogs do), they do not necessarily require separate exercise areas, but  are content when housed in roomy primary enclosures.  However, Little  Rascals also provides a 'play area' for those cats that appear to enjoy  the additional space.  

RESERVATION POLICY A 50% credit card deposit is due at the time of booking. 

CANCELLATION POLICY To  receive a deposit refund your reservation must be cancelled before 6:00  PM, 72-hours prior to the arrival date. Cancellations made less than  72-hours prior to the arrival date are non-refundable.  

CHECK-IN SCHEDULE  7:00 AM and 4:00 PM.  If your cat is not checked in by 4:00 PM your reservation may be cancelled or you may receive additional charges up to $20.00.  


Extended  stays are based on availability and will incur additional  hourly charges ($5.00/ hr) after 4:00 PM. Cats not checked-out by 7:00  PM will be boarded for an additional night for the cost of one-evening  plus a $10 fee. 

MEALS/FOOD POLICY  It  is your responsibility to bring food with your pet to last their entire  stay. We recommend you pack a little extra just in case your plans  change and your cat stays longer than expected. In the event you do not  provide food we will purchase the smallest amount possible of their  brand of food at cost plus a $5 handling fee.